Chelsberry Women Foundation (CWF)

Chelsberry Women Foundation was born is to empower women and girls in Nigeria through micro-enterprise, education, and healthcare, and to inspire others to do the same elsewhere. Our project: supports women in low-income communities to achieve sustainable incomes through microenterprise; provides scholarships to girls who otherwise cannot afford to stay in school to complete their educations and provides access to basic healthcare coverage and education for our clients and their families.

Most of our clients make their living in the informal economy as hairdressers, bakers, seamstresses, and small traders, selling goods from tables and small kiosks or carrying them from place to place. With WomensTrust capital, they are able to increase or diversify their inventories. They can buy in bulk, decreasing their time away from work traveling to buy supplies. Profits accrued are immediately invested in better nutrition, healthcare, and education for themselves and their children.

Chelsberry Women Foundation believe the climb out of poverty cannot be maintained by access to credit alone. In our model, the key to long-term economic growth is to integrate education and access to healthcare with the micro-lending program to achieve sustainability. WomensTrust does not help the poor; rather, we empower disadvantaged women and girls to sustain their climb out of poverty. Our agenda is to share our knowledge and our access to resources in order to encourage economic growth and sustainability.

More than 100 Widows

Chelsberry Women Foundation offers more than a hundred widows new windows to life, giving them resons to live more and longer. Making them useful to themselves and their families.

More than 1000 Girls

Chelsberry Women Foundation fights against child slavery, girl child trafficking, early marriage, violence, rape and other anti-female child sucess. CWF provides empowerment and education for youngs ladys.

More than 10,000 Opportunities

Chelsberry Women Foundation offers over ten thousand opportunities to the less privillage members of the society especially young girls, ladies, women, widows and children. We provide jobs and skills.

CWF: What We Do

Job Creation for Women

We create Jobs for women

Chelsberry Women Foundation believes in agriculture and empowers women by creating jobs in the agricultural sector for women and girls.

Skill Acquisition for Rural Women

We build the skills of women and girls

Chelsberry Women Foundation provide skill acquisition for women and girls in the areas of arts, agriculture and business.

Setting Up Women Economically

We provide women with economic power

We provide women with much needed capital to start up their businesses. We basically encourage agriculturally related businesses.

Rural and Communal Farming

Farming is the basic our basic weapon

We encourage, empower and monitor our women embarking on farming, with the aim of making them self reliant and successful, giving them the ability to feed their children and the nation.

Rural Poverty Elevation

Poverty eleviation is our major goal

Poverty eleviation is one of our major goals and we tend to archive this using agriculture, creativity and financial empowerment as our roadmap and strategy

Anti-trafficking and Anti-Child Slavery

Fighting against Child abuse

We specialise in Child right protection. We ensure the girl child is given equal right as the male child by educating the parents and rural communities. We fight trafficking and child slavery.

Women and Girl-Child Counselling

Cancelling widows, mothers and female children of all ages

We have professionals in women advocacy and counselling. We give advice to young girls on hygiene, sexual responsibility, puberty etc. We councel women with fibroid and tumors. We councel widows on the way forward. We councel women in agricultural business and farming techniques.

Scholarship for Governments Schools

Promoting girl child education and adult learning

We provide the neccessary financial support to parents in giving the right education to their children. Advocate adult literacy, ensuring learning of modernise farming techquines by inviting extension workers and educators.

Featured Beneficiaries

Grace Nosakhere

Grace Nosakhere is one of our excellent scholars on Chelsberry Women Foundation Scholarship program.

Scholarship Support
Oseye Omoruyi

Oseye Omoruyi is a widow with 3 children who is currently under our widows support program as others.

Widow Support
Mercy Enobakhare

Mercy Enobakhare is one of our outstanding women in fish sales business established and supported by CWF.

Economic Support
Omosede Edenausegboye

Omosede Edenausegboye is one our beneficiaries and now a mentor in coco farming and a proud sucess of CWF.

Farming Support

Chelsberry Women Foundation - Girl Child Education Program


Our Board of Directors (BODs)

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